Ekiti 2018: Who is Bimbo Daramola? A letter to the Church in Ekiti

Ekiti 2018: Who is Bimbo Daramola? A letter to the Church in Ekiti
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By Dele Omoyeni

Permit me to begin my exhortation by saying that Today there are over thirty (30) aspirants under the platform of the APC seeking to become the governor of Ekiti-state come 2018 and the list keeps growing,

now while I am not averse to anybody’s constitutional right to aspire I believe more than ever that just as it is done in more matured, developed and advanced democracies the people need to place side by side an individual’s aspirations and his/her antecedents  because only then can we enumerate their capacity to deliver when they come into office.

Well this cannot be more instructive going by the recent happenings in America, for those of us who knew the antecedents of a Donald trump we shouted at the top of our voices all to no avail, today America’s presidential system is in total disarray as things are falling apart, of course as usual the ordinary man like you and I are the once bearing the brunt., but fast rewind eight years (8) back with Barack Obama’s antecedents some of us also gave voice to him becoming president I remember doing a sticker for him and as a broadcast journalist I went on radio every Tuesday morning on my show asking Nigerians who had relatives in America to keep nudging them to ensure they go out and vote Obama, well you can juxtapose the Obama administration vis a vie the current madness today.

Having put into perspective the need for us to scrutinize the trajectory in relation to the promises of our aspirants in the 2018 ekiti guber race permit me to say that it is even more peculiar for ekiti because in 2014 while seeking the votes of the people we heard someone ascribe to himself the title ‘ORE MEKUNU’ meaning friend of the masses, today he is now ‘OTA MEKUNU’ enemy of the masses hence our most sacred duty as a people is to ensure that we ask our many aspirants questions on what they have done to advance the fortunes of ekiti people and the party APC before now because only by doing so can we ensure that the Egyptians we see today we shall see no more tomorrow.

However much as I know that my Boss Congressman Bimbo Daramola will in the coming days present to the ekiti people his many justifications for wanting to ‘SERVE’ as their governor as he would say, let me Dele Omoyeni a thoroughbred Ikere-ekiti son say that having known and proudly associated myself with him since 2006 I write this letter as someone adequately competent to do so ( because I have had a front row seat in every of his political and developmental activities over the years )  not to campaign but to put hatchet and mischievous writers on note that their unproductive attempts at rewriting history or perhaps flat out ignorance of trying to ‘depress’ his antecedents in the face of other leading lights like Dr John Kayode Fayemi and Engr Segun Oni  is practically impossible.

But for the fact that the two leaders have been governors and Bimbo Daramola also a former federal legislator of outstanding repute the truth still remains that they all came into the political hemisphere in ekiti at the same time in 2007 seeking the mandates of the people at various levels and so none of the former governors I dare say can lay claims to profiles that can make Bimbo Daramola a Lilliput in ekiti politics and I can hold up my claims to a searchlight., I also purposely did not put the Congressman on notice before writing this letter because he feels that the truth will come out at some point but I deem it absolutely unfair to continue to watch as naysayers peddle ignorance, and so described bellow is the Bimbo Daramola that I know.

Firstly let me say it is impossible to totally encapsulate Congressman Bimbo Daramola’s antecedents in one letter but I will reel out quite a number of them:

A true and worthy party leader.

It is instructive to note that Bimbo Daramola was enormously pivotal to the nurturing of this party APC right from the AC and ACD days both via resources and constant legwork and has told me severally how proud he is to have not giving up on nurturing the party like others did because today it is a powerful mother that suddenly has many children., Bimbo Daramola has never giving thought to decamping even when his interests were eroded and juicy enticements came and all he needed to do was abandon his party and jump ship yet he stood firm.

I dare say that there were eight (8) federal legislators from ekiti in 2014 WHY!? Was he the one chosen by Dr Fayemi to lead his re-election campaign? Why was he chosen as the state party agent for the Oni vs Fayemi rerun in 2009 which led to the Shoot me saga at the collation center? Or why did Distinguished Senator Olu Adetunmbi make him the campaign chairman of his rerun election against Senator Ayo Arise? I guess the answer to all this questions is the primary reason why some misfiring elements are trying to suppress this titan.

May I also ask this folks were they and their sponsors where in 2012 when Bimbo Daramola painted the national party secretariat of the party in wuse zone 6? And even going out of his way times without number in taking responsibility for the welfare of party leaders and excos from ekiti when they come to Abuja for engagements, one such occasion still happened recently.

A heart that beats for the people

Friends James chapter 2 verse 26b says ‘’ faith without works is dead also” but more instructive to drive this home is verse 18 of the same chapter “yea, a man may say, thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works” in other words it is not enough to sloganeer or mouth your capacity, you must show us the fruits., therefore Congressman Bimbo Daramola’s one and only faith is the people as I have clearly enumerated before, now let me show you some of his works:

I am yet to see any politician in ekiti today who has built a world health organization standard HOSPITAL for the people singlehandedly, he ran to ayebode-ekiti to practically re-build the only maternity centre in that axis which was dilapidated with the ceilings fallen off, also well over sixty (60) people got jobs in his constituency, not to talk of the flagship ABOMIRE yearly event for four years (4) which practically redefined and raised the bar for the outlook of constituency empowerment and engagement by legislators and at this events every year lives of constituents were practically turned around for good, many cars, trade enhancing equipments from deep freezers to generators, and several scholarships worth several millions where giving to constituents, and now buying of about one thousand JAMB forms for ekiti children a super educational intervention scheme.

Of particular delight to me was the ubiquitous fact that Bimbo Daramola was not just the most effective federal legislator from ekiti at home, but even on the floor of the house of representatives he was force to be reckoned with moving several motions that proved instructive and raised the bar of legislative discuss in Nigeria, some of them are:

1)    Emerging threats to national security, need to set up the department of homeland security. This was in response to the early attacks by boko haram which has now gone on to be leviathan.

2)    Dwindling fortunes of the economy, need to summon the Hon. Minister for finance Ngozi Okonjo Iweala to come and give explanations. This was in response to the inability of several state governments to pay salaries at the time yet madam iweala kept saying the economy was strong.

3)    Recent attacks on Nigerians in south Africa, the need for Nigeria to review its relationship with the government and people of south Africa. This was in response to the beginning of xenophobic attacks on Nigerians living south Africa, it is instructive to note that as we speak this same ugly trend has started again and if only the pertinent prayers of this motion where granted at the time for Nigeria to review its relationship with south Africa perhaps the needed deterrents will have been applied thereby forestalling this continued unfortunate trend.

4)    Some other salient motions included asking FAAN to remove broken down planes from the runway areas in Nigerian airports and checking the excesses of AMCON in the name of performing its constitutional functions also further endeared him to his colleagues and the house leadership.

Therefore I close with this charge to my ekiti brothers and sisters from Philippians chapter 4 verse 8   “ Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any praise, think on these things’’.

Your faithully

Dele Omoyeni.

Mr Omoyeni writes in from Abuja

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