Exclusive: Obasanjo, Nnamani, Duke, Others Linked To New Political Party

Exclusive: Obasanjo, Nnamani, Duke, Others Linked To New Political Party
May 25 13:01 2016 Print This Article

Apparently dissatisfied with the performance of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, former President Olusegun Obasanjo is said to be leading a pack of top politicians including former senate president Ken Nnamani and former Cross River State Governor Mr. Donald Duke to float a new political party ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Our correspondent gathered authoritatively that the new party in formation, which is billed for lunch in November 2016 also has Sokoto State Governor Aminu Tambuwal and his predecessor Senator Aliyu Wamako as coordinator of Sokoto state while Senator Musa Kwakwaso is to oversee Kano state.

Other coordinators of the yet to be named mega party our correspondent gathered are Senator Adamu Aliero who is to coordinate Kebbi state, Mrs Helen Esuene who is to coordinate Akwa Ibom, the current secretary to the Edo State government Professor Julius Ihonvbere is to coordinate Edo State while Mr. Jimi Agbaje is to coordinate Lagos state. The name of Ogun born politician Mr. Bode Mustapha also featured in the new political arrangement.

Some governors of the South-South and South-East, who are serving their second terms in office our correspondent gathered are also deeply involved in the political arrangement but with the promise of vice presidential slot while  present and former governors of the North have also been linked to the new party.

Though the name of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was linked to the new party, an insider told Frontiersnews that Obasanjo is strongly opposed to the inclusion of his former deputy in the party.

A source, who spoke to our correspondent, on condition of anonymity said ” Obasanjo is blocking the inclusion of Atiku Abubakar because of their old quarrel. We are beginning to see the former VP returning to the PDP before 2019 because the APC will certainly not give him the ticket in 2019″.

Top political leaders in both the ruling APC, the PDP and other political parties in the country have also been linked with the new party as consultation intensifies.

An inside source told our correspondent on Monday that key members of the National Assembly, some serving ministers, former governors and a host of other powerful individuals in the country swell the rank of the new political group.

The source stated that in the months ahead, “you are going to see alignment and realignment of political interests. As for the APC and the PDP, there survival will be dependent on their ability to manage their crisis”.

Our correspondent’s investigations revealed that APC strongman Senator Bola Tinubu is already mobilising his supporters to consolidate their hold on the South West bloc and possibly reawaken “his old political bloc”.

Tinubu’s key allies and diehard loyalists who the source said are very unhappy in APC and with the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government are already mobilising to recreate the old Alliance for Democracy (AD) platform ahead of the 2019 general elections, another top politician confirmed.

The source said this development is also applicable to the Atiku Abubakar and the Bukola Saraki’s blocs.

Frontiersnews had exclusively reported that a across sector of top politicians in the six geo-political zones of the country have been consulting to fashion out a new mega political party ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The promoters of the yet to be named political party, the online medium said were undecided wether to create a completely new political platform or leverage on an already registered party and build it into a mega party to form a formidable opposition party to the APC and the PDP in the political landscape.

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  1. Olododo
    May 25, 18:54 #1 Olododo

    This is all bunch of nonsense. God will not let them succeed. For how long this useless for nothing Nigerian recycled politicians will keep tossing Nigerian’s destiny and life. I think is getting to the time Obasanjo will get his dignity totally messed up. I looked at the list of people who are planning to form the new party, they are crooks with bad record and name. They are all recycled PDP virus vested politicians dangly around for all opportunity to relaunch themselves for their usual corrupt activities. Nigerians say no to this and wait patiently for Buhari. Change takes a graduall process and it will take time to start seeing the result. Please my people do not be in a haste to plunge into another political CALAMITY.

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    • Hon T
      May 26, 01:15 Hon T

      This are political parasite politicians without principles. Recycling old cargo looking for new ways to be relevant in society. What new ideas do this parasites, fraudsters and waistful irrelevant have to offer Nigerian people, if not same inclination to embezzling our commonwealth for their selfish ends. They are all emergency millionaires through defraudlently public funds. When this cronies were in government what tangible difference did they made or how many Nigerian masses do they uplifted from poverty to middle class. Brazil was able to uplift 40million of her citizens from lower income to middle class, do to meaningful policies that was effective. This recycling politicians are enemy of the people that needed to be eliminated from the surface of the earth for the economy mismagement and waisted of resources, include human resources. Lots of the people in our society are mentally and emotional Savage through the actions of this politicians parading themselves as people, but they are animal in human skin. Any person’s who is willing to defraud public funds for self interest is son and daughter of luckier. The have abuse the intelligence of Nigeria nation and bankrupt people’s minds, inability to violently revolt. The way forward for ordinary people is revolution and eliminate all this recycled cronies, into history. REVOLUTION IS THE WAY FORWARD.

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    • AmenWolf
      May 26, 08:14 AmenWolf

      All of you commenting here against the proposed political party are dumb and useless Gambari Fulani slaves. One of you even encouraging people to be patient with braindead Buhari that is taken Nigerians nowhere with his almajiri bokoharam illiterate gang in Govt.

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      • ADAMS
        May 26, 19:08 ADAMS

        @AMENWOLF. You are a vagabond with sensiless bearing. cheap vagrant, insulting people that write the history of a country you to dwell in freely. whether you like or not the almajiri’s will continue rulling you and your civilise clan.

    • DonHarris
      May 27, 06:38 DonHarris

      I quite agree with your line of thought about the questionable and vile character and integrity credentials of the persons spearheading the formation of a new party,but you will agree that 99.9% of the close allies or associates of Buhari are birds of a feather with those people named.Most of them provided even the ill-gotten wealth on which Buhari rode to power.It’s a fact that contact without contamination is an illusion!

      I agree that REAL change takes time,and entails patience,but it’ll be folly and foolery to be patient with a leader headed for the wrong direction and apparently taking you down the valleys.If Buhari has viable vision and ideas on how to turn around the fortunes of the country and unveiled them for our conviction since he mounted the saddle,of course,majority of Nigerians would have welcomed them and waited for as long as the ‘change project’would have taken to translate to concrete results and impact on their living standards.Here is a man overwhelmed by the rots on ground and groping about in the dark without visibility on the way forward, that’s who we should be patient with.No right-thinking person will pay the price of PATIENCE under the present circumstance hoping things will get better.If I may ask, what’s the action plans/steps for his change project and the track record of the change-drivers on his team?Even with the best vision and ideas,you will achieve nothing,if you failed to get the membership of your team right(read MY VISION by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum).The character and skill set of your team members are critital to your success.No need to call names, but you obviously know what am saying and those am referring to around the president.

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      • Jeffoe
        May 31, 06:32 Jeffoe

        God bless you for a well articulated comment without insulting any one… i wish i could contact u via fb or any other platform so we can be sharing ideas!

      • Benny
        June 01, 20:55 Benny

        You spoke my mind brother. We made a mistake by appointing an unprepared person to lead us. He is apparently clueless about happenings in the economy. We need vibrant and upright youths to rescue the situation. Buhari failed the masses, and did not stand true to his path of allegiance. He is unleashing mayhem on NDA, but murderous Fulani herds men walk freely.

    • NDP
      June 01, 08:04 NDP

      U & ur Buhari should go and rule ur cattles, silly comment.

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    • Nigerian
      November 18, 17:32 Nigerian

      Very true… All these recycled politicians have failed us and sadly enough including Buhari. The sooner we look up to the youths who have long been deceived to be leaders of the future that started yesterday and remind ourselves that we’re already late and begin to gallantly take our place in the resuscitation of our country that have been brutally battered by these same recycled politicians; the better for us and our beloved country.

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  2. Yange demo
    May 26, 03:26 #2 Yange demo

    Olododo,you have said it all. Obasanjo and his so called allies would never have the blessings from Nigerians…we have all their dossiers. Tinubu should tell Buhari to also consider other ethnic groups for appointment…it should not only be Hausa/Fulani elements

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    • Musty
      May 27, 05:25 Musty

      I think Hausa Fulani contributed so much to the emergence of Buhari and they should be rewarded appropriately.

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      • L
        October 05, 13:00 L

        But u also claimed nigerians voted overwhelmingly to Buhari. So the fulanis are the only nigerians

      May 27, 08:21 THYWILL

      God never sleep HE will step in just let us cry to God with one voice to help us not to be a slave anywhere talk less of our own fathers land. OH GOD LET THY WILL NOT TO PUNISH US PREVAIL

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  3. chri
    May 27, 10:25 #3 chri

    we don’t need party any more ,it is time for Nigeria to know the truth and truth will set us free .we need to dived this country and not party all Nigerian are corrupted .nothing can make Nigeria be better than as it is now .Biafra Hope of Africa is the option
    support Biafra

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    • emilomo
      May 27, 17:40 emilomo

      well spoken bro!Biafra is the only solution,the emergence of Biafra will bring total freedom to other regions,it will enhance peace,progress and aid growths and competition

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    • Nelly
      October 14, 23:46 Nelly

      U’re on point. Biafra z d only way out of dz mess called Nigeria.

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  4. emilomo
    May 27, 17:56 #4 emilomo

    Forget nigeria and their waste pipe politicians,all of you should stop praying for nigeria,a prayer for nigeria is a sin against the almighty God the creator,let us dream about secession and freedom for all subjugated nations inside nigerian british made contraption,the British amalgamated the north and south just for oil business interest and it was meant to last for 100yrs which has expired and even the people that joined the north and south said that what they joined was like mixing oil and water as it mattered not to them as oil was just their interest,total separation is the only solution and when it is achieved it will enhance economic growth as each separate entity will be forced to emulate the moving force(s) than sitting up and be waiting for oil allocation coming monthly from Abuja,it will enhance competition,it will bring peace but any effort to rebuild nigeria is an act of building on sand and which the wind will blow it away,God bless my country the republic of Biafra

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    • Breeze
      May 29, 21:16 Breeze

      Get your fact right. At the time of amalgamation even the British did not know of oil in Nigeria. The first oil well in Nigeria is Oloibiri and that was drilled in the mid-50s.

      Base your contribution on fact and don’t confuse those who don’t know

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  5. gular
    May 27, 23:10 #5 gular

    those that against the move to new Nigeria are fools ,when people tired of pdp then they came together to form apc (all promise cancel party) with the hope that it will bail us out of trouble but reverse is the case what Nigerian is passing through Now we are saying had I no ,,,then reasonable people think of relax from bullhari you are now abusing them because you have no sense and full of hypocritical ,I pray that their plans will succeed in Jesus name

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  6. Tunde
    May 28, 08:51 #6 Tunde

    If this news item is authentic, Obasanjo should bury his head in shame! What has happened to his declaration of quitting party politics and becoming a elder statesman? What else does he want at 90? Must he always be relevant to people in government? What good will come out of disgruntled, chronically corrupt strange bed follows coming together to form a party? Nigeria’s problem is beyond party!

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  7. Debolo
    May 28, 17:02 #7 Debolo

    Anything that comes out OBJ is nothing but evil,these same greedy Politicians brought Buhari to power due to their selfish interest.It is unfortunate that these same men who brought these helpless administration to power are now acting concerned.How can we be so gullible to keep allowing these quack heads to keep running the affairs of this Country?Let’s all say no to OBJ, Buhari,Tinubu and their cohorts .Nigeria is our collective property,we must protect it from these blood suckling corrupt leaders.

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  8. Mandela
    May 30, 00:12 #8 Mandela

    There is no iota of truth in this story. It is all fake.

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  9. lambaa
    May 31, 06:13 #9 lambaa

    This how APC started and people called them names seat there and be saying whatever you want. The politicians have the final say and they have the political will and finances. you can say whatever you want to say it is democracy.

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    • adeyemi
      June 01, 07:04 adeyemi

      obasanjo only used buhari name dat while he look popular but we are waithing for him to attack buhari den he we no dat his a usules man an we are going to react

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  10. JimiCollins
    June 01, 17:23 #10 JimiCollins

    assumption by the media…

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  11. Akhine
    June 01, 19:26 #11 Akhine

    The league of failures and thieves. I pray that all these baboons should see the light of the day before their evil plans. Because, they would all be behind the bar very very soon.

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  12. Archiliz
    June 13, 09:41 #12 Archiliz

    It’s really a welcome development. Atlast, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and now Nigerians have a choice. Honestly, I can’t wait to use this new platform to pay back PDP in their own coin. As for APC, I reserve my comment because already they are doomed. Remember, “one good turn deserves another”.

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  13. Dodan Hank
    October 03, 20:27 #13 Dodan Hank

    Nigeria problem doesn’t lie on recycling parties or professional politicians but on defining the Problems ranging from; Indiscipline, corruption to expensive government. What we need sensible management and good governance. The names mentioned in the new party make sense but what would they do differently from what has been going on in Nigeria. Nigeria needs answers by any means necessary including but not limited to balkanization to regions rather the expensive statehood

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