Hon Ochei And The Pursuit Of A Shadowy And Curious Gubernatorial Aspiration

Hon Ochei And The Pursuit Of A Shadowy And Curious Gubernatorial Aspiration
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In recent days,one trending online story has been the curious question of who is a better gubernatorial choice between Gov Okowa and Hon Ochei come 2019?

That is actually not a misplaced question to ponder on. But some other correspondingly salient questions are necessary to ask too. Who actually is this Hon Ochei and at what point did he transpose into a fairly known figure in Delta politics?

Furthermore, what rare value is he bringing to the table which now places him in a better stead than Gov Okowa?

As the story goes, the ‘political figure’ called Hon Patrick Ochei is predominantly the byproduct of the huge Ibori Political Structure and of the PDP way back in the late 90s and early 2000.

Of course,Hon Ochei earlier on made a short-lived foray into a once regional but now moribund party to clinch a one -term place at the State House of Assembly. However, it was the political structure of the PDP and that of Chief Ibori that gave him the leverage of becoming a Speaker from whence he was able to gather a massive but curious financial war chest currently in his possession.

Indeed nobody should begrudge Hon Ochei for taking advantage of the political opportunities offered him in the past by the PDP. But it is quite laughable when a man like him now turns around these days seeking to mire same PDP with all manner of oddities and mudslinging just because he is inclined on actualizing his ambition to be Governor by all means.

Whether anyone ( including Hon Ochei)takes it or leaves it, there wouldn’t have been any recognizable political figure called Hon Ochei (AKA olikeze) without the far- reaching insignia,imprints and inputs of the PDP on him.

It is certain at this point that some folks will attempt to go cynical by asking whether Hon Ochei must remain in the PDP because the party made him.

Nay,I did not insinuate that. However, if it is convenient to excuse Hon Ochei for his ignoble exit from the PDP, he may not also be convincingly excused for the manner he now goes about trying to paint the PDP black just because he flirtingly seeks a forlorn gubernatorial fortune in the APC.

It has become somewhat unfortunate to say that Hon Ochei appears now one of those bad and identifiable examples in the Nigerian political environment.

For his type, loyalty and moral commitment are assured only when the going is rosy. But at the slightest challenge they exit seductively in search of a new political bride.

Here is the point : Hon Ochei did not leave the PDP for reasons attributable to sound political principles or orientation. He left because he felt his ambition of becoming first a Senator and perhaps a Governor later on, wasn’t realizable Agreed, Hon Ochei definitely has every legitimacy or right in aspiring to any political office in the land.

History however shows that politicians like him that join political parties for ‘ only what they can get but not give’ always turn out as very poor examples of leadership. I think that this maxim should ring true for any genuine politician : sometimes you lead and at other times you endeavour to follow.

Well, if there is any one worrisome dimension to Hon Ochei’ s incurable gubernatorial quest, it is that he has adamantly remained unmindful and unconcerned about the interest of his own Anioma people to have their own retain the seat of Governor for 2 consecutive terms.

Hon Ochei cannot pretend never to have been party to this muted but widely accepted idea. Though it is argued by some persons that such arrangement is not part and parcel of our Constitutional lexicon,for the sake of justice, political fairness and fair- play, the three Senatorial Districts seem to have included it in the political equation of the State.

As a presumed patriot,Hon Ochei will however not selflessly keep faith with same all because he lost out in the Gubernatorial and Senatorial battles of 2015. Nevertheless, no one should be kidded on this next fact.

Had Hon Ochei won the 2015 PDP gubernatorial or Senatorial Primaries, by now, he would have been all over the place clamoring for the perpetuation and sustenance of such a desirable political arrangement.

Unfortunately, Hon Ochei is today in APC where he is seen trying desperately to clinch either an elusive gubernatorial ticket or alternatively become a toothless Deputy to any of the non- Anioma gladiators.

From every conceivable indication therefore, Hon Ochei cares less whether Delta North loses the Governorship seat in 2019 so long as his gubernatorial ambition and vengeful cum contemptuous anger against the PDP get actualized.

Let me quickly make these observations. Going by the current configuration of Delta APC, it’s uncertain that Hon Ochei will get the gubernatorial ticket. Chiefs Ogboru and Emerhor appear not so ready to hand over such juicy privilege to the likes of Hon Ochei whom they consider( even in their inner APC circles) as nothing but gubernatorial greenhorns, opportunists, political flirts and deserters only hopping unto the APC CHANGE Train for the benefit of their ravenous political bellies.

That is the case and so it is preposterous for anyone of Anioma Extraction to trade the collective interest of the Aniomas for a selfish and unfruitful foray and scavenge in Delta APC.

Lastly,what even is the pedigree of Hon Ochei that now positions him as better than the incumbent Gov Okowa for the race of 2019?

What were Hon Ochei’s legacies as a long- serving Legislator and Speaker that now warrant this his newly founded political deification and reification Perhaps,the unrepentant advocates of the ‘ Rt Hon Ochei 2019 Gubernatorial Project ‘ may choose to help out with the answers.

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  1. Michael Ikejiani
    January 02, 23:19 #1 Michael Ikejiani

    Your commentary is neither here nor there, lacking deep reasoning in argument. First, I believe the name of the person your article is centred on is VICTOR OCHEI and NOT “Patrick Ochei” as you wrote. Secondly, I do not see any reason to attack the former speaker if he so chooses to challenge Okowa at the polls. The game is politics and it is all about interests. Let Deltans choose freely. Ochei has his track record and so does Okowa. Let their records and competence speak for them.

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