I Have Not Shared Positions And Will Not Discriminate Against Anybody If I Become Governor – Chief Segun Oni.

by frontiers | December 28, 2017 7:07 am

In continuation of the interview we recently conducted with the Deputy National Chairman of APC and one of the foremost gubernatorial aspirants in the 2018 governorship race in Ekiti State, Chief Segun Oni, “The Patriot” hereby brings to you the second part of the interview session. Happy reading.

‘The Patriot’: “Sir, one of the reservations some people have, particularly within your party, APC, is that, if eventually you become Ekiti Governor, it is your former party members, the PDP that you will know and take care of and that you have already shared all available governmental positions among the former PDP members with you in the party (APC) and that some of them (names withheld) will not allow other party members, particularly the ACN-APC members to get near you when you get to office. How true is this Sir?”

Chief Segun Oni: (Laughs). “Well, people who say this don’t know me well. I am not as soft and as pliable as they think.

It is true that I am very accommodating and friendly with people that works with me and make themselves available, but not that they will constitute themselves to tin gods and prevent others from getting my attention, No. I don’t and will never tolerate such. I am very simple, but I can be very firm if people wants to take undue advantage.

It is not that I don’t hear some of these things, I do and it is common to say such about leaders; but things are often not really the way people assumed it to be.

I have always operate an open door policy and I have always let people know that I am free and available anytime. My phone number is equally available. If you cannot call, send a text and will reply. I prefer talking directly with people that are concerned on issues.

It is not that you cannot link up with me through someone, but after that, feel free to interact directly with me. If it is on issue/s I feel you still need to link up through your contact source, I will let you know.

In government, as a former Governor, shielding is a normal security protocol; but as party members, as soon as you are identified, you will be allowed to see me, except I am in a special meeting or having some special guests, which I believe is normal.

But now that we are not yet in government, there is free access and I have warned those aids of mine accused of looming large and making attempts to shield me unnecessarily from people, to desist.

The problem with some of our people in most cases however, is that they too will stay away, on the impression that some people are out there to shield and deny them access to me.

It is this wrong impression that make some people to believe that government office positions have been shared. How can I share what we have not got?

As far I am concerned, APC is one. We are all one and equal in the party, except for age and positions held. So, I do not discriminate against any member, whether from ACN or from PDP background.

By my nature and position as the Deputy National Chairman of the party I cannot discriminate against any member of my party. Why should I?

As a leader, I want and I need every member around me, but it is those who move closer and make themselves available that I will know and relate directly with, irrespective of former party affiliations or background.
If you were with me formerly in PDP and for personal reasons you now separate yourself from me as members of APC, I cannot force you and there is no way I can relate closely with you better than a former ACN member in the party that now see us as one and works better with me.

The same way, if you still discriminate and stay away from me as a former AC or ACN member and refused to accept that we are presently one and one indivisible in APC, even now as your Deputy National Chairman, probably because I am contesting for governorship, I can also not force you to join me or love me. I can only persuade you or appeal to you, for a closer relationship and if you refuse, there is nothing I can do than to relate with you normally as a party member.

It would however be wrong for you to complain or prevent me from relating well with a former PDP person who is now with me in APC and still remain loyal.

You cannot work with me now as a former AC- ACN member and will set you aside when government is to be formed and pick a PDP member (present or former) who didn’t work with me to replace you. It is what you sow that you will reap and nobody can force or prevent anybody.

My nondiscriminatory stand towards AC- ACN members can be judged through my successful handling of the APC-PDP 13-13 during my first tenure, then as a PDP Governor; not to talk of now that we are together in APC and the Deputy National Chairman of the party.
Today, virtually all the 13-13 legislators are on the same page with me. If I had been discriminatory against them or bad to them as a PDP Governor then, the story could have been different today.

Let me say it clearly here, that I am an APC man and the Deputy National Chairman of the great party for that matter, how on earth will I descend so low, as to discriminate against my party members, if I get voted into Office as Governor again? Such is never in my nature and character and it can never happen.

Work with me as a member of our great party, APC, and we shall all rejoice and reap the dividends of democracy together.

As I will not discriminate against or sidetrack any party member, I will equally not allow anybody around me to do so. Ekiti a gbe a o”.

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