If It Is Not Okay For Women To Cheat, Then The Men Should NOT!

If It Is Not Okay For Women To Cheat, Then The Men Should NOT!
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Why should men be allowed to cheat, and women condemned when they do the same?

I am a big advocate of the word faithfulness. Hence, I would never encourage an extra marital affair in any home; but as an advocate of sex equality, I would like us to share our views on the conversation below;

I would start it with a topic about a couple, they lived together but were not yet legally married. Abraham as the man in this story was a young career man who worked with a legal firm in Lekki; Abraham was in a serious relationship with Bukola a final year student in Unilag studying computer Science, at first Abraham and Bukola were love birds. They shared everything together including an apartment in Yaba, which made it comfortable for Bukola to attend lectures from home. Issues started when Abraham’s law firm was trying to get a deal involving a popular politician and Abraham was placed in charge of following with this politician who happened to be a wealthy woman and the case involved a divorce case with her husband.

The woman who would be referred to as Madam Bose insisted on Abraham visiting her in her house to have conversation around the case, so he visited her at home and closed the deal and his law firm became her legal partners not just for the divorce case but also any legal issue that she was involved in, Abraham was excited about the news and drove home immediately to break the good news to Bukola who was also pleased with the good news because she knew what this meant to Abraham’s career.

Madam Bose later had a call with Abraham’s boss and insisted that she wanted Abraham to be her PA and would be responsible for paying Abraham’s salary, and if they refused then she would have her legal contracts taken to another law firm, he understood how much having her as a client could benefit him so he agreed to it, and called Abraham to discuss it with Abraham. Abraham at first refused and explained to his boss that his girl friend may not find the news welcoming as she may see it as a channel for him to cheat. His boss played on it explaining to him that Madam Bose only wanted him because of his experience and intelligence in legal stuff and so she chose him because she wanted to make sure that doesn’t get into political problems; and besides his girl friend mustn’t be informed of everything that happens at work to help reduce pressure on her and make her focus on her final year exams and projects. Abraham agreed to the offer and decided not to tell Bukola so as not to pressure her, like his boss advised.

Things seemed okay at first with this job as Madam Bose only called him when she needed his legal input and always allowed him go home when he had good reasons to do so, she always asked him about his family and his relationship and he would share some details with her and she would advise him where he had issues with Bukola, during one of her parties she insisted on Abraham bringing Bukola to meet with her, he accepted and brought her to the party, Bukola was very excited to meet Madam Bose and her a positive impression about her.

Bukola graduated with a good grade from Unilag and was posted to Abuja to serve, Abraham wanted her in Lagos so they tried to work her service to Lagos. At the time Madam Bose had some engagement in Abuja and requested that Abraham came with her because she needed to be sure that she did not make any mistake with legal implications.  Abraham knowing Madam Bose as someone who meant well for his relationship had no problems with joining her with the trip besides that was the same time Bukola would be in camp so she would not miss him so much, Abraham told Bukola about the trip and she saw nothing wrong with it, she only said ‘’be careful with all those Abuja babes ooo!, I don’t want any of them tempting my man’’ Abraham laughed and then they went to bed,

Madam Bose and Abraham arrived Abuja and checked into Transcorb Hilton hotel only for Abram ham to realise that they were checked into the same room, although separate beds, she apologised to Abraham explaining that there were very few rooms and it was a bit expensive to get two rooms, so she had to settle for one with separate beds, Abraham said it was fine besides, if she meant harm she would showed have some signs in the past, besides she always encouraged his relationship with Bukola. They went to bed that night and there was nothing strange in fact she slept like a baby and so Abraham became more relaxed.

In the evening of the next day after series of meetings with other politicians, Madam decided to go have a drink with Abraham in a night club/bar and insisted that Abraham joins her, during the drink she insisted that they only focus on personal issues as she was done with business for the day, she insisted that Abraham took something strong as she said it would help him relax, Abraham agreed and then ordered a bottle of vodka and Cranberry juice. They got into some really deep personal issues and after a while Madam Bose began to gist him about deep sexual issues, about his past girl friend and about the girl who gave him the best sex of his life. Abraham not seeing where this was leading kept responding to her questions innocently; they kept chatting and didn’t see that time was fast passing until it was 1:00am in  the morning, so she asked that he drove her home, while he was driving her home, she placed her hand on his manhood and asked him not to worry and just keep driving saying she promised not to take him to bed and just wanted to get him reminded of his youth, Abraham although worried kept driving and then Madam Bose placed her head below to his lap unzipped him and started fondling his manhood with her tongue. Abraham stopped the car, opened his door left for her door, opened her door, to Madam Bose’s surprise he unbuttoned her cloth and reached for her breast and fondled them with his tongue, then took her to the back of the car and made love to her, in the middle of the road in Abuja, this was a crazy experience that drove both of them really wild and after that day they kept making love frequently during the trip to Abuja.

After two weeks they arrived Lagos, Abraham went to home and met Bukola who was already back from camp in Abuja. Bukola who had missed her man for over 2weeks, could not wait to make sweet love with her man, during sex, Abraham kept thinking of those wild moments with Madam Bose in Abuja, and wishing he was with her at the moment, Bukola noticed the strange way in which he made love to her and asked why he was wild on bed, Abraham apologised but Bukola said it was fine and that she enjoyed it. As weeks passed, Abraham wasn’t pushing for Bukola relocation to Lagos anymore instead he asked  Madam Bose to press buttons for Bukola to be relocated to Oyo and his excuse was that he wanted Bukola to experience what service was like, so Bukola was re-deployed to Ibadan. This gave Madam Bose and Abraham enough time together and they even made love several time in Yaba when Bukola was absent, Bukola noticed that Abraham had suddenly reduced his call rates and when she calls his excuses were that the divorce case was taking his time and then he would send her money to make her relax, there were times when Abraham would not call for a week. Bukola wasn’t happy and started becoming a bit uncomfortable with the relationship.

In Ibadan, Bukola had made some new friends and among them were a guy called Samuel whose father happened to be Madam Bose husband, Samuel who lived his family house in Ibadan always invited Bukola to come to his family house but Bukola would refuse and instead would stay alone in her room crying and hoping that Abraham would call, after 6 months things became worse in the relationship between Abraham and Bukola, and friends of Bukola who knew what she was passing though adviced her to move on. Samuel was about to celebrate his birthday and again he invited Bukola to his family house, friends of Bukola convinced her to go, meanwhile Abraham and Madam Bose were on their way to Ibadan and decided to attend the birthday since Madam Bose and Samuel still had a good family relationship; Bukola in company with her friend got to Samuel’s house at almost the same time as Madam Bose and Abraham and as soon as Samuel saw Bukola he ran to meet her and hugged her, and Bukola smiled, Abraham saw this and immediately got shocked and jealous and so he went to meet Bukola and started asking her who Samuel was to her and why he hugged her, Bukola said Samuel was a friend and only hugged her as a result of his shock to see her, as he taught she wouldn’t come.

Samuel asked Bukola who Abraham was and she said Abraham was her  fiancée and a lawyer working on Madam Bose’s divorce case, Samuel recalled a video a messenger of his Dad had shared with him and his dad regarding a sex tape of madam Bose in Abuja, he brought out his video and saw that the man on the sex tape was this man, so he asked for a one-on-one chat with Abraham; and showed him the video, Abraham was shocked, he knelt down in tears and started begging Samuel not to take it public as this would cost him both his relationship and job, Samuel asked him ‘’ Bukola has been good to you and has been faithful to you, you use your job as an excuse to hurt her, and then you see her hugging someone else and the it gets you angry’’, Madam Bose comes in to see Abraham on his knees begging Samuel and when she inquired what the issues was. Samuel’s Dad who had been watching all these from his balcony comes down stairs and says to Madam Bose ‘’you accused me of cheating because you wanted my property for yourself, and instead you get a young man, his relationship and his job involved in your lies’’ Abraham kept crying and begging, saying he did it to protect his job and provide a better home for his family in the future…


Back to my conversation, If Bukola had cheated on Abraham in an excuse of protecting her job and and her family, the society would have termed her ‘’a whore’’ but no society is going to term Abraham a ‘’a whore’’ for this act. Secondly, Abraham sees Bukola hugging Samuel and questions her, yet he was having an affair with Samuel’s step mother and never questioned himself; the mentality has to change, while I stand against women cheating on their men. I also think it should be a taboo for men to cheat on their women.


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