Osinbajo Laments Little Knowledge Of History By Growing Population Of Young People

by frontiers | November 14, 2017 8:31 am

Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo has lamented that despite the growing population of young people who may have gone to school, they have little knowledge of history and their nation.

Prof Osinbajo who spoke at the Presidential Education Retreat in Abuja lamented that majority of the so called educated young ones base everything on stereotypes and what they are told.

He told the gathering “we have a population of young people who may have studied and gone to school, but have very little knowledge of history and their nation, and so they just base everything on stereotypes and what they are told.

“They have no real way of testing their ideas and becoming true citizens. So we need to write it into the plan, something that helps to educate our citizens.

“While I was a commissioner in Lagos State, the Governor and I stood on the ramp at the round house. Some young boys were playing football down the ramp.

“I told the Governor nobody knows the Abraham Adesanyas, and his counterparts. These were people prominent in the AD at the time; we were talking about legacy and the conversation turned to whether people know them. People don’t know any history; the Governor disagreed and said Abraham Adesanya was very prominent.

“I told him we should call one of the boys playing football, we called three of them and asked if they knew Abraham Adesanya. He asked, “Is he the one that plays for Julius Berger?” The governor held his head! You don’t know how little people know”.

Prof Osinbajo said “there must be some kind of education for citizenship and it should play a prominent role in the plan. One of the critical things that many countries do is that they teach their young people how to be citizens of their country and be proud of their country”.

The Vice President used the occasion to challenge the National University Commission, (NUC) to reconsider the provision of certain hectares of land as a prerequisite for establishment of a university saying “I don’t know whether that takes into account, that today so many universities are occupying relatively smaller places.

“In any event, does that take into account all the technology available now, online universities and all that?

“I hope there is flexibility enough to take into account universities that want to use technology to train, because after a while there won’t be hectares of land for those that want to teach”.

He advised “we mustn’t be stuck in the way we think about education, we must move on, because all over the world, most people are learning good and evil on the Internet. We must adapt whatever we want to learn to all of this.

“We must recognize that most young people are looking at these devices almost 24 hours of the day. We must take advantage of that because in the years to come, emphasis on classroom and formal sitting down learning is going to diminish.

“What we are seeing today already points in that direction. A lot of learning is going to take place online and electronically. We should plan for it in our policies”.

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