Why The Much Ado About 2019 And Okowa’s Re-election

by frontiers | January 9, 2018 9:58 am

By Patriot Dantes Odogwu

Apart from his dazzling giant strides and the remarkable progress made so far by the Okowa led administration ,everybody who has campaigned with Governor Okowa knows he is a “People Person” and a SMART campaigner who will work ceaselessly to make sure PDP wins in Delta state.

Deltans no doubt will vote massively for him come 2019.

Deltans need a leader with his blend of experience,character and political nous.He has a track record of beating the opposition even when they think they are safe.

He understands their cynical brand of politics and know what precisely is needed to beat them in 2019. Okowa has the character needed to challenge the apathy too many people feel towards politics.

Having seen the dedication and passion of his supporters across the State over the last few months and the way prosperity is evenly distributed in Delta state,i am very optimistic that the drive to unity house,Asaba,will be smooth and safe.

In terms of infrastructural development, he had gone ahead to commence work on so many projects that were adjudged abandoned by naysayers.

He continues to hit the critics of his administration below the belt by scoring points through the delivery of such projects that were hitherto used by opposition to malign his administration.

Even all those who had gone personal in their pessimism of his intentions for the State, have had to watch, with mouth agape, while he calmly addresses their concerns on all front.

He had assured Deltans that with the continued rise in the Federal Allocation and a continuous ceasefire from militants, more landmark projects would be achieved this year 2018.

The administration had taken the bull by the horn by unveiling the hidden secrets in the contracts awarded to Ulo Construction, with a view to re-awarding them to more competent contractors. Most Deltans feel happy about the revelation because these are projects of high priority to all and sundry.

The recent showing by PDP at the just concluded LGA elections is remarkable. The people have roundly shown where they would comfortably “lay their eggs” should there be a general election in the offing.

It was a massive outing for the party because not a few of the media Aides of the opposition had shouted to high heavens how their Parties were on ground in the State. Alas, all the shouts were “Tales by moonlight”. How Pitiable!

Expectedly, they have gone all out to hold on to some skirmishes that accompanied the process as grounds to discredit DSIEC. True to their type, the office of the Governor had been severally abused and criticised for influencing the outcome of the elections.

We leave them to their consciences though with an advice to them that elections are not won by casting aspersions on personalities but through a careful and coordinated campaign programme aimed at convincing the masses with alternatives to the administration’s programmes and policies.

Governor Okowa toured the State with the vision of Prosperity for Deltans in 2015 and had not lost grip of strategies towards achieving it.

Every initiative of his administration has this vision as her over riding goal. 2018 will be a year of implementing more lofty initiatives with the purpose of repositioning not a few Deltans on the right course of being job creators and not seekers.

The infrastructural initiatives, expectedly, would open the State more to investors and create a better atmosphere for the entire citizens. With these in place, more decampees would be welcomed to the PDP and 2019 would be a year of “Fulfilment”.

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